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ATM Safety
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If possible, have another person accompany you when using your ATM or making a night deposit.

After dark, use an ATM/night deposit that is well-lit. Try to use a drive up or one inside a supermarket, when possible. When at a drive-up ATM, lock your vehicle doors. Take your keys when you leave your car.

Be alert and cautious of anyone loitering around the ATM/night deposit.

Always have an emergency plan of action in your mind. And stay alert to everything that is going on around you.

Complete your transaction quickly, put your money away and leave immediately. Always take your receipt as it has your account number on it.

Protect the Personal Identification Number that you use with your ATM. Do not write it on the card, and stand in front of the machine when entering the number so no one can see it.

ATMs are potentially dangerous anytime but especially at night and when you're alone. Avoid using the ATM at night or in an isolated area. Robberies are bad enough, but assault, rape, and murder are sometimes part of the equation. There's some safety in numbers, however. Carefully stick to these guidelines to help protect yourself:

Scan the area before leaving your car to approach an ATM.

At drive-up ATMs, keep the car in drive or in gear with the clutch depressed. Keep your foot securely on the brake. If something goes wrong hit the gas.

If a vehicle pulls out ahead of you and suddenly stops, the driver may be counting his money and maybe not. Don't enter any area where your car can be immobilized. Wait until there's no potential for blockage.

Only use ATMs in the public eye. Naturally, criminals prefer darkness and isolation.

Some criminals study the habits of regular ATM users. Don't visit ATMs on a schedule. Vary the days, times, and ATMs you visit.

If your ATM card is lost or stolen, you may be contacted by telephone. The caller may sound official and ask for your PIN number. Don't give it to him or her. Instead, offer a reward if he or she turns your lost property over to the police. Or meet him or her in a public place and bring a friend.

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