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General Personal Safety Precautions
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The Big Three

  1. Stay alert and tuned into your surroundings, wherever you are.
  2. Stand tall and walk confidently.
  3. Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave quickly.

Challenge No One

Your mind-set should be that of "the pacifism of a warrior." Self-defense isn't about personal honor or machismo, it's about survival in an increasingly unpredictable and dangerous environment.You never know who you are dealing with, but the statistical probabilities of encountering a repeat, violent criminal with about as much compassion as an aligator grow higher every year. So, unless you or a loved one are in immediate physical danger, avoid a fight. Even if you win, you can be seriously injured. Walking away from confrontation has three advantages:

  1. You avoid petty squabbles and later entanglements with the legal system.
  2. It restricts fights to those you absolutely must undertake to physically save your hide.
  3. It relieves you of moral indecision and guilt when you have no other choice but to do what you have to do.

     From the Colorado Springs, CO Police Blotter

Incident Date: March 24, 2003; Time: 6:35:00 PM

On 03/24/03 at 18:35 CSPD received a call from a female caller that she and her husband, the victim in this case, were in a verbal and physical fight with black males in the Toys-R-Us store located at 3730 Citadel Drive N. The female stated that they were shot at by a handgun. Investigation revealed that the victim confronted the suspect and advised him to slow his aggressive driving down. Both the suspect and the victim became involved in a fist fight. A friend of the suspect also engaged in the fight which later turned into a rock fight. The fight took a break and the suspect decided to engage the wife of the victim. Foul language and spit were exchanged before the suspect punched her. At this point the victim reengaged the suspect and chased the suspect back to his car. The victim then got into his truck and rammed the suspects car. At that time the passenger in the car fired approximately three rounds (Poss. .380 cal) at the victim while the ramming ensued. The suspects left the scene rather quickly as did the victim and his wife.
Minor injuries/ no arrest at this point of the investigation.

Preventing Common Mistakes

Taking Precautions:

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