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Safety at Home
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General Home Safety Tips:

Home Security Alarms

If you are really concerned, there are a number of wireless home security systems perfect for apartment dwellers. New wireless security systems make it possible for the apartment dweller to have the kind of security previously available only to homeowners. Using the wiring already in your house or communicating on radio frequencies, these systems require no special wiring, can be programmed to call the police or a central monitoring station, and move with you when you leave. Here's a run-down of the kind of components available (not all systems offer all components). Prices for systems can range from a couple hundred dollars up to a thousand or more.

Home Safety Review

How well is your home safeguarded against crime? Have you taken the proper steps to make sure that you and your family are safe? It doesn't take a lot of time or money, to increase both your level of security and your peace of mind. Here are some tips and advice that you might want to consider:


Check your door and door frame. Should they be repaired or replaced? All exterior doors should be either metal or solid core wood (13/4" thick). Glass or thin wood panels, in or near the door, can be protected by installing polycarbonate glazing and securing with one-way screws.



Air Conditioners: Should be secured to the window opening to prevent being pulled out or pushed in.

Security devices for windows vary, depending on the type of window and its location.


Use timers that have variable time changes that turn the lights on and off when you are not home.

Defending Yourself at Home

More than half of all rapes and a great percentage of robberies, assaults, and murders happen in the home. Defend your home or apartment like a castle:

Home Safety Review Courtesy of the New York City Police Department Crime Prevention Division

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