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Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Instruction

Presented by

Personal Safety Solutions and Will Lamkin

By definition, Crime Prevention is: "Being aware that a crime can occur, anticipating its form, location, time and victim, and taking action to reduce the chances of its happening."

There are three elements the criminal must possess for a crime to occur:

  • Desire
  • Ability
  • Opportunity

Eliminate just one of these elements and no crime will take place. You have no control over the first two elements. Whether the criminal has the desire or ability to commit the crime is solely up to them. However, you can greatly control, if not actually eliminate, the third element - opportunity.

Crime prevention is using instinct, common sense, and action to eliminate or greatly reduce the criminal's opportunity. A large share of the responsibility of reducing criminal opportunity lies with YOU! That is not to say that if you are a victim of crime it is your fault and the fault of the criminal... certainly not! But the fact remains that we all have a personal part to play regarding crime prevention.

We offer a variety of training classes and seminars. These include Refuse To Be A Victim, Physical Self-Defense, Pepper Spray, Mini-Baton, Firearms, Safety for Seniors, Personal Safety for Teens, and Crime Prevention. We also offer Home and Business Security Assessments. A list of courses is found below. Contact us for more information or to set up a class. We can also arrainge to have an on-site residential or business security survey conducted.

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Personal Safety Solutions
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Course Descriptions and Costs*

Refuse To Be A Victim®

This is a 4-hour crime prevention and personal safety seminar. Topics include the Psychology of Criminals, Mental Preparedness, Home Security, Physical Security, Automobile Security, Travel Security, Technological Security, Self-Defense Training, and Personal Protection Devices. This seminar is presented in a lecture and demonstration format. There is no physical activity; this class is appropriate for all ages and ability levels. A 79-page student workbook and handouts are provided.
Cost: $10.00 (Contact Will Lamkin or Personal Safety Solutions)

Pepper Spray/Mini-Baton (Key Chain Device)

These classes teach you how to effectively use the Pepper Spray or Mini-Baton personal safety devices. Students will learn History of the Devices, Verbal Stunning, Retention and Deployment Techniques, Stances, Stages of Assault, Mindsetting, and Legal considerations. These 2-hour classes are suitable for ages 14 and up and most ability levels. Practice devices will be provided during class.
Cost: $15.00 (Mini-Baton) and $25.00 (Pepper Spray) (Contact Personal Safety Solutions)

Girl Power Self-Defense For Teens

This 12-hour course for teenage girls is taught in a lecture and hands-on format. Physical and Verbal Self-Defense Techniques are taught along with Awareness, Boundry Setting, and Mental Preparedness. The class promotes a healthy lifestyle, positive self-image, and high self-esteem. Girls are encouraged to do will in school and avoid drugs and alcohol. Included with the course are handouts, training aids for use in class, and a very comprehensive student text and workbook. Class can be scheduled in 2, 4, or 6-hour blocks.
Cost: $65.00 (Contact Personal Safety Solutions)

Home Firearm Safety

This 4-hour class is for people who have little or no experience with firearms and want to learn more about them. Topics include Gun Safety, Identifying and Unloading Different Firearms, Types of Ammunition, Cleaning and Storage, and Statistics. If you are thinking of purchasing a firearm, already own one but have had no formal training, want to know what to do if you encounter a firearm, or are just unsure about firearms and would like to learn more about them in a safe, non-threatening environment, then this is the call for you. There are no live fire exercises and no ammunition is allowed in the classroom. This course is presented in a lecture and demonstration format. The instructor will provide unloaded firearms for demonstration purposes. A 75-page student testbook, brochures, and a certificate of completion are included.
Cost: $35.00 (Contact Personal Safety Solutions)

Walking Cane

The cane is more than a medical device. At one time, canes were well know as tools for self-defense and the well-dressed gentry wouldn’t leave home without one. This 3 to 4-hour class re-introduces the cane as a tool for self-defense and presents basic defensive and response techniques to empower the cane user.
Cost: $25.00 (Contact Will Lamkin)

(*NOTE: While we endeavor to keep this list current, sometimes current costs may differ from those listed here)

Basic Self-Defense

Survival and escape are your primary goals when dealing with a physical confrontation. With this in mind, this 4 1/2-hour basic self-defense course will cover not only basis physical techniques to use if an attack cannot be avoided, but also mental preparedness and non-physical responses for avoiding attacks as well. This class is for beginners and people with no prior experience. This class is suitable for ages 14 and up and can be adapted for most ability levels. Handouts will be provided.
Cost: $50.00 (Contact Will Lamkin or Personal Safety Solutions)

Keeping Children Safe

Parents, learn what you can do to safeguard your kids and what you can teach your kids in order to safeguard themselves. This is a 1-hour class for parents. Subjects discussed include creating a child identity kit, teaching kids to be proactive about their own personal safety, resources available, choosing a child care provider, choosing a school, and protecting your kids from preschool to college. Handouts and references provided.
Cost: $10.00 (Contact Personal Safety Solutions)

Personal Safety for Seniors

This is a 1-hour lecture class specifically designed for senior citizens. Topics include Personal Protection Devices, Safety in and out of the Home, Travel Tips, Elder Abuse, Financial Abuse, Identity Theft & Scams, Knowing Your Rights, Choosing Caregivers, Utilizing Local Services, and Common Sense Self-Defense. Handouts provided.
Cost: $5.00 (Contact Personal Safety Solutions)

Personal Safety for People with Disabilities

This course is a 1-hour lecture designed to educate people with disabilities on how they can be proactive about their personal safety. Topics include Personal Protection Devices and Common Sense Self-Defense: using what's at hand. Crime Prevention Strategies, Awareness, and Mindsetting for survival will also be covered. Handouts included.
Cost: $5.00 (Contact Personal Safety Solutions)

Personal Safety In The Workplace

This is a 1-hour class covering violence in the workplace whether perpetrated by a stranger, client, or co-worker. You will learn how to recognize problem behavior and ways to prevent some incidents before they happen. We will teach you skills to help de-escalate volatile situations and you will learn what to do if all else fails and violence erupts. This course is appropriate for businesses, large or small, as well as interested private individuals. It can be tailored for individual workplaces. Handouts provided.
Cost: $10.00 (Contact Personal Safety Solutions)

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